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Clear Channel户外全球首席营销官Pru Parkinson
AOM: As market leader in street furniture provision, CCO operates lots of municipal contracts around the world. Would you like to give us a brief introduction about the current development of it?
Pru Parkinson(Hereinafter Called “Pru”):As leaders in street furniture with solutions in 26 countries around the world, we see developments in technology as a great opportunity to help our advertisers make even stronger connections with consumers in major cities when they are in the out-of-home space. We are developing our outdoor digital technologies in key cities and in the last four years, have doubled our global digital network, which currently stands at 4,800 screens in 18 countries worldwide.
This includes both small format, allowing people to pro-actively engage with our interactive screens, as well as providing large format screens to showcase high quality brands to a mass audience.  We understand the unique and compelling possibilities digital out-of-home offers brands to engage with consumers in the public space and so we see this development moving even faster over the next few years.   
AOM: With regard to a variety of markets, what kind of solutions does CCO usually take to operate street furniture which can be suited to every individual market’s needs?
Pru :Clear Channel Outdoor provides different solutions to reflect the differing needs of individual markets.  These can vary from very large formats, where our customers (both cities and brands) can communicate to a very wide, mass audience; to smaller formats where residents and visitors can interact with our screens.
Each city has its own needs, from particular architectural requirements – including historical characteristics and regulations; to newly developed cities and rapidly expanding cities. We recognise these differences and develop solutions that meet these needs.  In 30 countries around the world, Clear Channel has locally-based business units that, whilst gaining benefit from our global expertise, also recognise the differing local requirements and have the local expertise to help develop and execute a successful solution. We also understand that a relationship with a city is for the long term, so acknowledge that they have developing needs over time and will work with them closely to respond and adapt as required.
AOM:  Compared with other outdoor media, street furniture exists as both communicator and infrastructure. How does CCO synergize the function and communication power in the brand recognition process?
Pru :The ability to communicate with people is crucial to the successful development of a city and a key feature of our service is about delivering a credible way for cities to communicate with its residents and visitors.  It goes beyond simply providing a physical asset of street furniture, but providing a vital public service communication channel.  
For instance, in Sweden, we worked closely with the city of Stockholm to develop a project called Play Stockholm City, to test the benefits of digital out-of-home.  Four touchscreen digital totems were strategically positioned in key areas around the city centre, and as well as featuring interactive campaigns for advertisers, allowed users to locate nearby restaurants, shops, tourist attractions and areas of interest.
And in the US, our screens and billboards are regularly used as vital communication tools during times of national emergency such as providing safety updates and warnings during severe weather events, and even as a means to appeal for capturing criminals and also in raising alerts to find lost children.
AOM:  As is known to all, CCO has an abundant range of street furniture portfolio, besides that, what other special services would be offered to keep long term partnerships with clients around the world?
Pru: Audiences are at the core of what we do. Our scale allows us to offer a flexible, responsive and modern approach to targeting, unleashing the true value of outdoor to brands.  We also strive to know more than anyone about how consumers think, feel and act when they are out-of-home.  CCO is more than simply an advertising medium, we are able to demonstrate the potential of out-of-home and give sharper audience insights that deliver ground-breaking creativity, and ultimately enable us to develop and sustain successful long term partnerships with advertisers and cities around the world.
Our global capabilities also offer customers greater resource, coverage, and depth of knowledge.  Advertisers can tap into our worldwide network of 760,000 panels in 30 countries across five continents, and our rich portfolio of advertising solutions reaches over 500 million people every month. For instance, we recently activated exclusive global digital OOH campaigns for the launches of both Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney’s new albums across multiple markets, simultaneously.  We can deliver such unique campaigns across the world and draw on the skills and local market perspectives, insights and experiences of our teams in 30 international offices.
AOM: With the boom of technology, what kind of opportunities have you seen about street furniture advertising? Nowadays, building smart cities have been a hot topic around the world, as an indispensable part of the cities, what’s your opinion about how will street furniture take part in building smart cities to better people’s lives in the future?

Our partner cities, public transportation authorities and mall/airport landlords
Pru: Big data is a massive opportunity for public transportation. It allows step-change improvements in efficiency from understanding of real user behaviour (sampling millions of journeys per day) rather than point-in-time surveys of thousands of people.  A multi-million pound investment to improve traffic flows in London can now be based on data from millions of real passenger journeys rather than tens of thousands.
Equally, with continued urbanisation, the efficiency of our cities is important: travel times, energy efficiency, information flows.  Big data will allow our cities to become more efficient (leading to lower carbon emissions). Increased efficiency of public transportation (cost, travel time) is an important element to make our increasing large urban environments more “liveable”.
Investment in these complex systems leveraging big data for outdoor advertising on its own would not make sense, however outdoor advertising can make use of them to better understand the audience of each panel in a roadside or transportation environment.
Example: In the UK, Transport for London would typically justify multi-$ billion investments on 10,000 to 20,000 traffic surveys.  Using mobile telco data they are now capturing 17 million data points an hour to help manage transportation around London.
Example: rather than use vans to move our SmartBikes around Barcelona and ensure even distribution, we can incentivise people to park their bikes in stands which need filling.
Digital signs as a feedback mechanism for the city
As well as benefit from Smart Cities, street furniture can contribute.
Big data leads to insights – predicted traffic congestion is a classic example; overcrowding on metro lines.  We can imagine in the future that most people will be connected via their smartphone and apps to announcements that help them plan their journeys or change their behaviours.  But what about visitors and tourists?  And new arrivals to the city?  The city needs a feedback mechanism to reach people with new real-time information and change their behaviours / plans.  Digital signs act as an important feedback mechanism from the insights gained from “big data”.
Example: digital signage use in the US from tornado alerts and the Boston bombings
AOM:  Would you like to share with us some interesting cases of street furniture advertising or campaigns which impressed you most?
Pru: Lady Gaga ‘ARTPOP’ global album reveal: On October 7 at 6pm GMT, Lady Gaga, chose outdoor to reveal the cover artwork for her new album, ARTPOP, in the world’s first synchronised piece by piece unveiling, running exclusively on our global network of digital screens in 18 major cities internationally. Tweets from ‘Mother Monster’s’ fans with #iHeartARTPOP were incorporated into the backdrop of the creative reveal, giving them the chance to become fully immersed in the collaborative art process and the opportunity to see their messages on our screens and on www.ladygaga.com.  In total, over 220,000 tweets were generated using #iHeartARTPOP.   The live reveal was also streamed direct from our Spectacolor billboard in New York’s Times Square on Lady Gaga’s own website.
This marked the first time any music artist has collaborated with fans through social media to create an iconic, global moment around art in out-of-home media.
Burberry, ‘London Fashion Week’, (Hong Kong, UK, US):  Clear Channel’s large format digital billboards in Hong Kong’s famous World Trade Centre, in New York’s Times Square, and boards across London, broadcast live images taken with Apple’s new iPhone 5S live from Burberry’s fashion show during London Fashion Week.  The campaign showcased the global scale, reach and impact of Clear Channel Outdoor's digital inventory to provide the perfect canvas for the world's most creative brands to connect with their audience.
Harper Collins, ‘Revenge wears Prada’(UK): Three creative outdoor executions ran on Clear Channel digital screens, playing on the book’s fashion theme. Clear Channel’s interactive Mobile Platform allowed the advertiser to offer a chapter of the book for download onto consumers’ mobile phones as well as allow immediate purchase of the book from Amazon.  A map facility also showed the nearest Waterstones book store where they could also buy a hardcopy of the book.
Woolworth, interactive bus shop (Australia):  Our bus stops in Australia were turned into ‘bus shops’ for retailer Woolworth’s, allowing users to simply scan and pay for products via their mobile phone, and then select ‘pick up’ or ‘deliver’ to receive their groceries.
Clear Channel户外全球首席营销官Pru Parkinson

Pru Parkinson(以下简称 “Pru”):作为街道家具广告领域的领军企业,清晰频道为全球26个国家提供街道家具广告解决方案。技术是我们发展最为重要的引擎,因为技术使我们的客户与大城市中那些身处户外环境中的消费者之间的联系更加紧密。在过去的四年中,我们一直大力投资研发应用于大中型重点城市户外媒体的数字技术,同时将我们的全球数字媒体网络资源翻了一番,目前我们在全球18个国家的户外大屏数量已经达到4800块。

Pru :为了满足不同地区差异化的市场需求,清晰频道户外会根据需求相应地提供个性化的解决方案。我们首先会按照客户的类别与需求进行分类,对于城市和品牌形象方面的传播,我们通常会帮客户选择大型显示屏来对公众进行大规模的传播活动;对于增强市民和来访者的体验,我们通常会采用小型显示屏以方便互动。

AOM: 同其他户外媒体相比,街道家具拥有双重身份,它不仅是传播媒介更是城市的基础设施。在品牌认可度建立的过程中,清晰频道户外广告如何兼顾街道家具媒体的功能性与传播力并使其发挥协同作用?
Pru :传播力不仅对城市的发展至关重要,同时也是衡量我们对于城市常驻居民与外来人口所进行的传播是否具有公信力的重要标准。因此,我们的服务不仅是提供一套基础的街道家具设施,而是建立一条重要的公共服务的沟通渠道。
AOM:  众所周知,清晰频道户外广告拥有丰富广泛的街道家具媒体资源,除此之外,贵司还会提供哪些与众不同的服务来与世界各地的客户保持长期友好的合作关系?
Pru: 我们一切以受众为中心。集团的规模化优势极大地方便我们以更灵活、快速的现代化手段来通过户外媒体向目标受众传达品牌的真正价值。我们努力去想受众之所想,感知受众在户外环境中的感受。清晰频道户外不仅仅是一种广告媒介,我们致力于最大程度地展现户外的潜力并凭借敏锐的受众洞察从而创造出不落窠臼的创意。也正是得益于此,我们与全球的广告主以及政府部门一直维持着积极长期的合作伙伴关系。
我们的全球资源可以提供给客户丰富的媒体资源、广泛的覆盖面以及深刻的传播理念。清晰频道在五大洲30个国家有近760,000个全球资源网点,凭借这些丰富的资源我们可以每月覆盖超过5亿人次,这样广告主就可利用以上资源进行有选择的投放。举例来说,我们近期为Lady Gaga和Paul McCartney新专辑的发布在全球多个市场所进行的同步宣传。这是我们动用全球三十多个国家的办事处的资源,透过本地化的视角、观点与经验,应用最新技术在全球范围内所进行的特色性传播。

AOM: 伴随科技的蓬勃发展,您认为这将为街道家具带来何种发展机遇?如今,建设智慧城市是颇受全球关注的话题,您认为街道家具作为城市不可分割的重要组成部分在建设智慧城市的过程中应发挥怎样的积极作用以更好地提升人们未来的生活?







Pru:  Lady Gaga全球发布ARTPOP专辑:格林威治时间10月7日下午6时,Lady Gaga采用户外媒体作为她的全新专辑ARTPOP的发布媒体。我们为此动用了全球18个重点城市的数字联播网来对此专辑在全球范围内进行同步宣传,此举在全球尚属首例。‘Mother Monster’s’的粉丝对iHeartARTPOP这个话题发布发布了大量推特信息,在此过程中通过社交媒体与户外发布的完美对接,粉丝们可以全程参与到这项艺术发布中来,并且可以在Lady Gaga官网以及大屏幕上看到自己的留言信息。据统计,通过iHeartARTPOP话题引爆的推特信息超过220,000条。与此同时,现场的专辑发布会通过与我们的纽约时代广场上的Spectacolor大牌播放在Lady Gaga官网上直播的现场影像。
Harper Collins在英国发布‘Revenge wears Prada’:我们为表达该书的时尚主题在清晰频道的数字屏幕上执行了三个户外创意方案。广告主可以在清晰频道的手机互动平台上导入书中的一个章节供消费者下载到自己的手机中,同时手机平台上也与亚马逊商城相连可以实现实时交易。另外数字屏幕中配备了地图程序可以帮助消费者找到离他们最近的Waterstones书店来购买纸质版本。